Emergency Service

Water damage can be devastating, which is why hundreds of homeowners and business owners have relied on Fire Recovery water damage restoration services.

Whether you've experienced a flooded basement from a burst pipe or water from putting out a fire, call us for emergency action. We know that at the heart of every water damage job we repair, there is a family or business in need of immediate assistance.

Water Extraction Service

Whether due to a small leak or a heavy flood, water needs to be removed from your home or office without delay. Many times a small leak seeps into flooring or other unseen places.

We immediately make sure the area is safe and all power has been shut off. All water needs to be removed. Water and electricity do not mix. It is our job to make sure every area is water-free to prevent further damage and mold.

We assess the situation with a full inspection of the area, taking detailed photos, to determine the water source and formulate a restoration plan.

Structural Drying

Once water and all non-salvageable property are removed from the property, the drying process can begin. The sooner this process is started, the better! Fire Recovery uses dehumidifiers and high-quality drying machines to dry anything that can be saved.

We also use HEPA vacuums and cleaning equipment to remove airborne contaminants and dehumidify the area.

Mold Prevention

The mold prevention process really starts with the water extraction process. After water is extracted and the area is dry, it is cleaned to make sure mold is unable to grow.